First Steps for Planning the Perfect Wedding

You have decided to get married- Congratulations!

Now what.

It is not an overstatement to claim that you will remember your wedding day for the rest of your life. Much of the romance around planning a wedding includes pairing color palettes and wine tastings. But the reality is there are a lot of tasks that aren’t that fun. So what to start with first?

Below is a list of items to get started with right away. They will help you make other decisions quickly and save you a ton of time

Create your guest list

Get an idea of how many people will be celebrating with you. This will help you determine the type and size of venue. While 25 feet of square footage is recommended per invited guest, consider people have to share that space with tables, waiter and other on-site activities. Creating this list as a couple can also help you create a shared vision of your event together.

Research weather trends

It seems obvious, but rain on your wedding day can be depressing. So can sweating through your dream dress. Do some research and pick a time that fits the setting of your dream event. Consider parking, pictures and other elements affected by the weather. You may find a great deal at an outdoor venue, but if it’s typically raining during that time of the year, you may end up spending a lot of money on tents and other features to protect your guests.

Make a plan for food

The timing of your wedding day could save you a bundle. If guests are hungry they will expect a full meal. Consider a mid-afternoon or late evening event in which people have arrived ready for  lighter fare.

Remember to ask for help

Staff at your wedding can make everything run smooth. Resist the offers from family to help with critical needs, as the best intentions can be led astray with the distraction of familiar faces. Think about the best investment for people to help you keep you day on track, and clearly delivered. The best venue will offer services to you for support and managing the day’s events.

Use good tools for planning

There is a ton of advice out there, and many of the wedding websites offer templates for planning your wedding day. Find a format that works with your habits and stick with it. You will want an organized record of contracts, resources and other notes to help others, help you.