Social Distancing & Innovative Events

    Venue 252    

Eugene, OR   

By Taylor Spierling
July 2nd, 2020

With Innovation, All (Socially Distanced) Events Are Possible

Envision yourself dressed to the nines on the curb in front of Venue 252, madly rummaging through your bag in a panic, realizing you forgot your most important fashion accessory at home- your face mask. Luckily, your date arrives with an extra mask in hand- your ticket through the door.

As our team navigates what renowned caterer Laurie Clarke deems the “new normal” in event planning, we’re committed to upholding operational standards for clients, guests, vendors, and staff. Undoubtedly, the best way for patrons to enjoy themselves during a special event at Venue 252 is by embracing the unique tools set in place by our coordinators and in-house caterers, designed to keep everyone safe and comfortable. As such, our goal is to preserve the integrity of all events, while also implementing creative production solutions to protect the well
being of all those involved with Venue 252 functions.


Capacity Restrictions

With guest-count limitations, you may be inspired to host a smaller, more intimate kind of gathering. In lieu of grandiosity, “Micro-Weddings” and “Mini-Monies” have risen from the ashes of large weddings.

Venue 252 offers special packages for anyone interested in these mini-micro parties, and while they have different aims and intents than their traditional wedding counterparts, they comply with capacity restrictions. What’s more; they offer new communion experience. These low budget alternatives provide an opportunity to invest in special details that wouldn’t normally be affordable, thus succeed as grand in their own rite.


Social Distancing

Social distancing will be defined early on in the planning process at Venue 252, then established through the use of our advanced floor-planning software. Configuring these visual layouts will ease concerns surrounding logistical challenges, and give clients time to embrace the newfound obligations our venue has toward social distance.

During the event itself, posted signage will be present throughout the facility as a reminder of our dedication to safety and compliance. Without interrupting the flow of the event, out highly trained staff will be active in upholding safety standards, starting with set-up and registration, all the way through food and beverage service, leading to the late night exodus and break down.

Evolving the Experience

Innovation will be key to preserving beloved event traditions, including the dining experience and the entertainment components.

For example, dinner may be elevated with in-vogue plated service, with staff in sneeze guards and gloves carrying out beautiful entrees plate by plate. Alternatively, your typical buffet experience, temporarily discontinued at our Venue, may evolve into a cozy and modest family-style platform.

When it comes to fun and games, organizers may want to work with out coordinators to construct an avant-garde dance floor, designating spots for social distance purposes. Or, they may be inspired to involve uncommon, innovative forms of entertainment to engage guests, as Eugene, Oregon has plenty of creativity to go around.


Anticipating Technology

Live-streaming, while already trailblazing the path of the future in event planning, has become integral to connectivity on a global scale. As such, Venue 252 has made a strong commitment to team up with local experts and vendors, who can ultimately supply the necessary technology to live-stream events, creating accessibility to those who can’t participate in person due to restrictions or health concerns.

As current conditions are apt to change daily, having this alternative allows for a comforting backup plan, and preserves engagement and presence in the event, without physical attendance being necessary.

This Too Shall Pass

Like most stressful moments in event planning, “this too shall pass”, (Clarke). Despite having new mandates and clunky procedures to adhere to, a brilliant enlightenment of innovation will emerge from the current challenges, and through it all, the success of event will prevail with a little help from our team at Venue 252.


This article was inspired by Laurie Clarke’s,
Creativity Wins the ‘Reopening Game’