Your Safety, Our Focus

During these unprecedented times, we want to assure you that Venue 252 is committed to the health and wellness of our clients, guests and staff, as well as to the quality of our safety standards.

Over the past 5 years, our company has achieved excellent results in all of our health department inspections regarding food, safety and service standards. Our culinary and event managers are all ServSafe certified, an accredited program for sanitation knowledge and practices. All Venue 252 employees have attended Safety, Infection Control and Sanitation Training.

To ensure compliance

with Oregon Health Authority (OHA)

Planning an event with us is a partnership. Our team will ensure that requirements regarding cleaning, monitoring and food service are executed in accordance with OHA guidelines. Your part will include managing the agenda to ensure that guests adhere to the recommendations for wearing masks and maintaining social distance where required. We can work with you to develop ideas to ensure guests can enjoy their experience while cooperating with your requests.

Please be aware that all rentals and services provided by Venue 252 will be monitored, limited in capacity, and are subject to availability or closures. We reserve the right to cancel any reservations if guests do not abide by applicable health and safety requirements. Our focus remains on the safety of our community and includes the well-being and health of your guests and our staff. Let’s work together to help you plan the agenda and activities for your event at our location, and determine if our venue is a good fit.

This linked document will provide guidance for individuals, organizations and institutions having an event at Venue 252 in regards to managing “fully vaccinated” attendees.

Venue 252 Requirements for Fully Vaccinated Guest Events


Effective July 24, 2020, all businesses and to the general public when visiting these businesses are required to were a face covering or face shield. This includes the guests when visiting indoor spaces for a private event. Masks do not need to be worn while drinking or eating during your event.  See the complete guide for masks here:


Please note that the maximum capacity for indoor events under OHA guidelines for venues varies at time depending on risk levels established by the Oregon Health Authority and mandated by our Governor. These limits include your guests as well as our staff on-site for services provided during your event. Guests must be grouped into designated parties of 8 or less and must maintain 6′ distance from other parties at the event. In addition, the requirement specifically states we are to “prohibit people in different parties from congregating in any area of the facility, both indoor and outdoor, including in parking lots.”

Oregon Health Authority Resources:

For Venue and Event Operators:

For Restaurants (these rules apply when you are dining during your event)

Our Services and

Commitment to Sanitation

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided for guests, in addition to well stocked restrooms for hand washing
  •  Meals service is available plated or served-buffet to each group assigned/seated together (maximum 8 per group)
  • Beverage options are offered either table side or bar service. Individual bottled beverages are available.
  • Desserts, including wedding cake, will be served by staff
  • Flatware will be pre-rolled in napkins and set after guests are seated
  • Bar set up will ensure adequate distancing between guest and beverage server
  • Additional signage will be posted for health, safety, and social distancing Venue 252 rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before, during and after each event
  • Guest is required to make arrangement for activities and provide people to monitor adherence to social distancing as recommended by Oregon Health Authority
  • Special attention is given to high traffic areas, such as stairways, bathroom and entrance/exit areas, and will be sanitized on an hourly basis, utilizing EPA approved  cleaning products, and one-time-use biodegradable towels
  • Our vendors and partners offering supplies and services will adhere to similar cleaning and social distancing procedures while participating with your event
  • Staff members will not be allowed to work if they are showing symptoms of illness, or if they have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19
  • Wait staff will follow a strict glove policy and wear gloves at all times during service. To prevent cross contamination, staff will change gloves for tasks: black gloves for service and white gloves for bussing/cleaning.
  • Wait staff will wear face coverings and limit contact with guests as much as possible.

From our family to yours.

Amy Schnoor
Catering and Events Sales Manager

Kevin Ables
Executive Chef